Bobcat Bearer is a new wrestler and the RP character of Powerful gohan.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Bobcat has a muscular build with a scorpion tattoo on his right shoulder. In his entrance, he has a red cape on and wears a red nightwing-style mask then takes it off after going in the ring.


Bobcat is quite agressive, he chooses to charge in and break through his opponent's defenses and do a deadly move. He also likes to talk in rhymes.


Longshot Mania: Bobcat waits for his opponent to run at him then catches them, slams him to to floor, turns the opponent's arm while Bobcat's foot is on the opponent's head.

Poison Snap: Bobcat sweeps his opponent to the floor and carries them to the turnbuckle, throws the opponent then jumps and finishes by elbowing the opponent after the opponent hits the floor.


Bobcat Bearer VS El Diablo - Win..?