Josh is a 23 yesr old wrestler from London, England. He started his wrestling career at the age of 21 and slowly climbed up the ladder of the wrestling world. He is now a fan favorite and is friends with many other super stars.

Physical appearenceEdit

Reaper is 6'6 and weighs 280lbs. He has short brown hair that falls just above his forehead. The tip of is hair is gelled and spiked. He has big brown eyes. In terms of his muscular appearance Josh is average. He has a 6 pack and big biceps and triceps. His deltoids are broad and a noticeable. Reaper has big quadriceps and his calf is also big. Josh wears no top and wears black gloves with a blue armband. He wears black jeans to wrestle for insane reasons. As footwear he wears black and blue Reebok Zigtechs.


Josh is very sarcastic and likes to interact with the audience. When face to face with someone he does not like he grabs a mic and says "When I say weakass, you say b**ch." He says "weakass" and the crowd respond with "b**ch". He makes jokes about his superiors all the time. Reaper shows his love of cars by driving a new car to the areana every show. He mainly dives Dodges.

Move setEdit

  • German suplex
  • DDT
  • Reverse DDT
  • Electric chairdrop
  • Super-plex
  • Sleeper hold
  • Irish clover
  • Bostcrab
  • Stone Cold Stunner
  • Turnbuckle stunner
  • Reverse powerbomb
  • Clothsline (lariet)
  • Edgecution?
  • Leg drop