Ruby Ryan is a submissionist/high-flyer type. She weighs 135, at 5'8, and comes from England, though her accent is masked by her years of living here in the U.S.

Theme Song:Edit

Her theme song is Killswitch Engage - The Arms of Sorrow.


She acts kind of rebellious, and arrogant. She's always arguing with other divas, getting in their faces, and pushing them, urging them to fight her. She's annoyed, easily. She is great friends with fellow diva and General Manager, Talia Blossom

Crowd Control:Edit

She controls about 35% of the crowd, with cheering. 


Ruby has black hair, with a bang over her face. She wears a tube top, with wrestling tights, and black converse boots. 


  • Clothesline
  • Bulldog
  • Turnbuckle Body Splash
  • Springboard Hurricarana
  • Phoenix Splash
  • Dropkick
  • Corkscrew Clothesline
  • Boston Crab
  • Triple Hurricarana
  • Rolling Thunder
  • Super Kick

Signature Move:Edit

Her signature is when she has her opponent at the turnbuckle, she does a backflip kick, then she does a springboard dropkick, making the opponent fall off the turnbuckle, onto the canvas of the arena.

Finishing Move:Edit

She has two finishers. She has the American Destroyer, where she puts you in a underhook powerbomb position, then drops you on your head. She also has the Pipin' Power Bomb, where she goes to the top rope, and does a powerbomb, WHILE jumping off the turnbuckle, making a massive impact.

Title History:Edit

She has yet to hold a championship in ESW.

Fight History:Edit

She hasn't fought yet in ESW. 


She does an X with her arms.


She does a hurricarana, followed up by another hurricarana. Then she does a springboard Front dropkick, knocking the opponent into the ropes on the other side of her. She then proceeds to clothesline them over the rope, onto the canvas of the arena.