Shockstorm is a high-flyor/acrobat. She weighs 127 pounds and is from Boston, Massachusetts. 

Theme Song:Edit

Her theme song is Hot n' Cold by Woe is Me. 


Shockstorm is usually in a bit of a hyper mood all the time. She's really energetic, and happy. It's really hard to ruin her mood, as she always takes(or at least tries to.) things as compliments. She's really speedy, and sometimes annoying. 

Crowd Control:Edit

She has about 38% of the crowd cheering her.


She wears a  light blue zebra stripe doublet, with light blue arm tapes. Her pants have black and blue zebra print, while her pants are actually white. She wears light blue kickpads, and has white shoes. 


  • Running Clothesline
  • Leg Lariat
  • Sunset Flip 
  • Dreamer Driver
  • DDT
  • Dropkick
  • Super Kick
  • Octopus Stretch
  • Armbar
  • Hurricarana
  • Astro Scissors Whip

Signature Move:Edit

Shockstorm's signature is a Shooting Star Splash inverted into a front missile dropkick, usually being affective. However, the signature move is incredibly easy to dodge if not dazed, or groggy. 

Finishing Move:Edit

Her finishing move is known as the Lightning Tornado. It's a tilt a whirl crossface, that mainly gets divas to tap, unless there is a reach to the ropes. 

Title History:Edit

No title history so far. 

Fight History:Edit

She hasnt had yet to make her appearance as a wrestler, yet. 


  • She moves her hands in an upward lightning bolt strike, then moves her wrists in a spinning motion, representing her name, Shockstorm. 


She drop kicks you, springboard sunset flips you, kicks you in the head, and when you're on the floor, she does a Shooting Star Splash.