Starsurfer is a high-flyer/acrobatic type, who's usually referred to as the Queen of High Flying due to her high-flying offense moves. She weighs 126, and is from Manhattan, New York.

Theme Song:Edit

Her theme song is Grenade by Memphis May Fire.


She has a bit of a firey attitude. She's a lot more aggressive than her best friend, Shockstorm. However, her ruthlessness is either her demise in her matches, or the beginning of the end for the opponent, as her ruthlessness usually leads to her attitude of the match, which makes her focused. 

Crowd Control:Edit

She has about 29% percent of the crowd, at a neutral point. 


She usually wears a red and yellow tiger print standard diva's wrestling with wrestling tights that are black, with a stripe of fire along the side of her tights. She wears black boots, and wears red gloves. 


  • Dropkick
  • Running Missile Front Dropkick
  • Clothesline
  • Leg Lariat
  • Sharpshooter
  • RKO
  • 450 Splash
  • Springboard Clothesline
  • Springboard Roundhouse
  • Springboard Elbow Drop
  • Springboard Hurricarana
  • Pheonix Splash

Signature Move:Edit

Her signature is a Twist of Fate modified into a Stunner. 

Finishing Move:Edit

Her finishing move is the legendary 630 Splash, which is so brutally hard on you if you miss. The 630 splash can basically be the end for her if she doesn't hit the move. 

Title History:Edit

She has yet to hold a title.

Fight History:Edit

She hasn't had a fight in ESW yet. 


She makes an A with her fingers, usually meaning she's gonna ace every move in her matches.


She starts with a flying clothesline, then follows up with a hurricarana, followed up by a springboard dropkick which is then followed up by Jeff Hardy's leg drop to crotch shot.